Getting the Best Contractor to Build Your Home

When it’s time to finally get your dream house built you want it to be perfection made real. Of course one of the key elements to achieving this is to get the best des moines custom home builder. There are a lot of new house builders out there today but getting the best one can be a little bit tricky right out the bat. They’ll all give you some sales talk why they are the best and at first glance all of them might seem like a good choice. However here are some steps you can use to identify the real from the fraud.

Are They Legit Contractors?

Before you even look at what they offer, the first thing you should always check is whether or not the home builders you are dealing with legal contractors. Try to give them a call and ask the following questions:

-    Is their business permanent? Do they have a permanent phone number, email address, and physical address?
-    Does their business have a proper certificate/business permit that hasn’t yet expired?
-    Can they offer any form of risk insurance and warranties (more on this below)?

If they cannot provide answers to any of the questions above then drop them off your list and move on to the next batch of house builders. The worst that could happen is offering everything you’ve worked on for ten or fifteen years and then see them scam you and run off with your money.

Risk Insurance and Warranties

What happens if, during the time of construction, a strong storm comes by and wrecks the unfinished house? Who is going to shoulder the burden for new materials and repairs? With risk insurance (this might cost you some but it is definitely worth it) the new house builders will carry the burden on their shoulders.

As for warranties, how long is it valid and do they even have warranties to begin with? You don’t want to move in to the newly built house just to see the walls come down in just a year. The best builders usually offer warranties so that they can repair anything or handle mistakes and miscalculations after the house was already built, without costing you anything.

What Housing Plans and Materials are Offered?

This is a step that a lot of people tend to look over. People often choose housing and flooring plans according to aesthetic appeal however these plans can also affect the way you live in that house for the years to come. Some house plans are built with earthquake and storm resistance in mind.

As for materials, most house builders that offer tract homes already have materials bought in bulk and are all ready for use. Make sure that these are certified materials, all sturdy and ready for construction. The integrity of your new home depends on the durability and structural integrity of these materials. Since you don’t have to go through the trouble of buying construction materials yourself, take the time to inspect what the contractors use for their projects. This can ensure you that you are dealing with professional, high quality house builders.


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